The 2016 South African PIRLS study revealed that 78% of grade 4 learners could not read for meaning in any language. In response to this study the SABF Schools Programme was initiated.

The first Friday of our weekend programme is dedicated to giving children, and youth of all ages, the opportunity to interact with the multifaceted book and publishing industry. We invite schools of all levels, ranging from ECD to high school, to journey to the SABF and experience the wonder of storytelling.

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Toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary school children are presented with a range of activities to choose from, all of which will entice their senses through play and fuel their imagination. From puppet shows to book clubs, animated storytelling and theatre, the National Book Week Magic Tent is packed with educational and fun programmes that will leave children wanting more.

The Senior Schools Programme will invite learners to step out of the classroom and into a world of possibility as they are introduced to the fascinating industries that make up the book sector. Here, learners will be able to learn about careers in the book industry, attend workshops on writing for self-expression, listen to intergenerational poetry and explore the exciting world of graphic novels, comic books and animated storytelling.

Librarians, teachers, parents and other caregivers are also welcomed with open arms. Workshops will cover a range of topics, including how to share the wonders of storytelling, an age-old tradition that has proved to be a substantial help in developing the attitudes and skills needed for reading books. Join experts as they share their tips on storytelling techniques and making the reading and studying of set works fun.

Apart from these activities, the Exhibition Zone also offers numerous books for all ages: for leisure, knowledge and personal and spiritual development. Moreover, the latest fiction and non-fiction titles are the usual strong contenders at the Fair. For caregivers and teachers, a wealth of experts from the publishing industry are always ready to assist with learning and teaching support materials.

The SABF is the ideal place for young people to discover the wonder of books and reading.


If you wish to register for the School's Programme, simply fill out a form by clicking on the button below.