Sep 2020

Facilitator: SABF

Sunday, 13 September 2020 at 10:00 - 23:00

The Fascinating Journey Of Visual Artist, Clyde Beech (Motivational Session)
A fascinating look into the journey and skills of visual artist and storyteller, Clyde Beech, who grew up in adverse circumstances on the Cape Flats, but was driven and motivated to reach his dream of becoming a professional artist. Specialising in comic book art and sequential visual storytelling, Clyde is a skilled digital artist with a skill set that includes illustration, colour art, digital painting, character design and visual storytelling, contributing to the development of some of the top comic books in the country, such as Kwezi and Supa Strikas.

Creating A Reading Culture From Home (Panel Discussion)
Creating and sustaining a reading culture is an important element in creating a reading nation. Join Elinor Sisulu, (Sea Star Summer) and Karen Theunissen, (I Have Brown Skin And Curly Hair) for an exciting conversation about what is on offer for the children with Lorato Trok, (The Forgotten Scientist: The Story Of Saul Sithole).

South African Moms And Kids Get Crafty With Paper (Paper Craft)
With paper, one is never short of craft ideas to keep the hands busy and minds engaged. A number of household items are made from paper – egg boxes, toilet roll cores, cardboard boxes, milk cartons and used copy paper. The Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa asked moms from around the country to upcycle everyday items into something crafty. This episode features contributions by Maryam Bibi, Mira Naidu, Chanene Ablett, Clare Petra Matthes, Funso Fatunla and Sam Choles.

Poetry For Young Adults (Poetry and Praise Poetry)
Unathi Magubeni – Poem: Feel More. The poem urges us to connect with our intrinsic greatness. Xolile Mabuza – Poem: Untitled – The poem is written in English and its purpose is to bring hope and reflect light during coronavirus times. ‘I wrote this poem to hold my beloved and everyone who wanted to be held; from
close and afar’.

Adventure In Storyland (Puppet Show)
Emily is visiting storyland, where all the characters from our nursery rhymes and stories live. There is drama when Baby Bear gets lost, and everyone is helping Goldilocks to look for him. Meet people and animals from our favourite stories and rhymes, and find out what happens in the end!

Marimba, The Mother Of Music (Storytelling)
Marimba the Mother of Music, is the Queen of the Vubukatha people and she is the one who invented different music instruments when she accidentally burned her favourite pot and turned it into a drum. A thrilling story about how music instruments came into existence.

Stories From Africa (Storytelling)
A selection of stories and poems for young children and teens from African countries. Oswald Okaitei and Selassie bring tales from Ghana while Kenya’s stories are brought to life by John Mukeni and Griffins Ndhine.

Red Earth Revisited (Theatre Show)
A captivating multi-lingual (English/IsiXhosa) production. Red Earth Revisited is a lively and engaging piece of visual storytelling featuring magical puppetry and song. The innovative sets and puppets have been devised for the production by Onny Huisink, in collaboration with the renowned Keiskamma Art Project from Hamburg. Audiences will be fascinated to discover if a bird with homes in both hemispheres is able to offer insight.

Fly With Fundza – New Writers Take Off! (Panel Discussion)
Emerging writers, Tamica Mopp & Amanda Ngema, talk about their writing journeys and spreading their wings under the guidance of their mentors, Sifiso Mzobe and Marche Arends. This panel discussion, hosted by Zilungile Zimela, explores the mentees’ inspiration for their short stories, how they found the mentoring process and the joy of writing in their mother tongue. The two mentors talk about their passion for mentoring, the collaborative process, and the delight of seeing their mentees soar.