AUTHOR: Dr David Dube


The Al Capones Of Mpumalanga explores the political realities that typify the ANC and its structures in Mpumalanga province. It describes the political shenanigans of the Mpumalanga ANC, a group that is entrenched through factionalism, cronyism and patronage. ANC leaders who opposed these tendencies which negated ANC values, were dealt with harshly through vilification, demonization and ostracization. The book serves as a rudimentary political education to warn against using the ANC as a mechanism to fulfil self-enrichment through criminal means. It cautions against the Zanufication of the ANC by those bad leaders who use its political image in order to pilfer and plunder public resources. It also calls for the strict implementation of the “through the eye of the needle” principles in the election of people to positions of leadership.

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