The SABDC has partnered with the FP & M Seta to cultivate a sustainable and sophisticated model for an Enterprise Development Programme in the book industry. We have tailored our programme to the needs of our unique and diverse industry. Each year we revise our overall EDP strategy based on assessment and detailed needs analyses of the SMME beneficiaries. The programme primarily provides training and support for new and emerging SMMEs but also addresses the needs of SMMEs who have varying levels of experience in and knowledge of the industry. 

From 2017-2019, the enterprise development programme focused on various topics:

2017-2019 Enterprise Development Topics

  • Growing the African book market: publishing, bookselling and rights
  • Enterprise needs analysis workshop
  • BBBEE Enterprise Development
  • Let’s talk: flow of books from producers to institutional consumers
  • Maximising reading promotion efforts
  • Copy-editing and proofreading in the indigenous languages
  • Financial Recordkeeping
  • Poetry workshops
  • Achieving sustainability as a micro-enterprise: getting the basics right for your business
  • Distribution and access to markets
  • Steps in the book publishing process
  • Digital marketing tools for books and authors, publishers and booksellers
  • Illustration masterclass
  • Know your audience – market research and environmental analysis
  • Quality indigenous language publishing
  • Print industry
  • Bookselling
  • Industry Standard demands
  • Publishable content
  • Having an online presence in the industry
  • Translating into indigenous languages
  • Copyright 
  • Creative writing workshops

In accordance with our virtual book fair, our enterprise development programme will be entirely online this year. Many of our participants don’t yet have the facilities and skill sets to fully operate online. Our training this year will focus on industry standards as well as preparing subsidised SMMEs to operate in a digital environment. We have incorporated modules to equip SMMEs with the tools necessary to function and thrive in an online space.

2020 Enterprise Development Topics

  • Digital marketing
  • E-book conversion
  • Navigating e-platforms
  • Cover design and layout
  • Bookseller Perspectives
  • Online sales

We have 39 subsidised participants this year, consisting of publishers, booksellers and illustrators as well as a writer’s organisation. Our participants are based across 7 of the 9 nine provinces in South Africa. We are very happy to report a black female ownership profile of 13 entrepreneurs. This means that 34.2% of the FP & M Seta funded beneficiaries are black female-owned businesses. Below is a race and gender profile of the beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Race & Gender Profile