20/07/2017 / #BUY_A_BOOK National Book Week South African Book Fair

The very recent National Reading Survey undertaken by the South African Book Development Council (SABDC) showed us that almost six in ten people are still living in ‘book-scarce’ households. In effect, this translates into numerous households with no book to page through, no book to read, no book to smell, no book to get excited about, no book to snuggle down to for a bedtime story.
The ethos of Mandela Month is that each individual has the power to transform the world, the ability to make an impact no matter how small.
The SABDC’s very reason for being is the well-researched belief that through books we can make a difference to our natural, social, economic and cultural environments; and that by reading, people can imagine a better life and act on that vision. Through our #BUYABOOK campaign, we encourage South Africans to buy a book and donate it to a child, a teenager or an adult who has no books available to them at home.
Bianca Adendorff, Marketing Manager of Bargain Books, has been a firm supporter of the #BUYABOOK campaign for a number of years. She has this to say about the initiative:
Bargain Books is grateful to have been a part of the #BUYABOOK campaign over the past few years. We believe that this truly is a great way to share the importance of reading. There is nothing better than giving someone a book and letting them start a journey of self-discovery and love for literature. This campaign is a highlight of our national marketing calendar, and attracts thousands of customers who buy a book and share their love of books and reading with fellow South Africans who are less fortunate than they are. Through campaigns such as these, Bargain Books looks forward to bringing magical experiences to an ever-widening audience.
At this year’s Fair, visitors will be able to purchase books made available by our local publishers, specifically selected by the SABDC and sold at only R20.00 apiece by Bargain Books, Exclusive Books and Takealot.com.
We are asking South Africans to donate books both during National Book Week and at the South African Book Fair this September.
Publishers: You can still submit books for review for this campaign. Please get in touch with the SABDC’s offices to make the necessary arrangements.


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