The child of an English mother, and a Bosnian-Serb father, Dusanka was born in Johannesburg. English was not her mother tongue. She spoke Serbo-Croat until the age of five. Dusanka went to Wits University and majored in English and Italian, with French, Afrikaans & Nederlands and Latin as sub majors. She has been in publishing for 38 years, in various roles, at Macmillan, Pan Macmillan and latterly at New Africa Books. New Africa Books publish in excess of 500 books for children and young adults – written, illustrated and translated by people of this continent. Dusanka started Picador Africa imprint and Giraffe imprint at Pan Macmillan.

“Languages fascinate me (not surprising). I read widely – and frequently, and tend towards authors from across
the globe.”