Candice Chirwa is a thought leader with an avid interest in gender and youth issues in South Africa. Candice believes that women and girls deserve fundamental human rights. Through this belief and her academic background, Candice educates the youth on menstrual education and brings Eduliftment with her award-winning NGO, QRATE. QRATE is an NGO focused on enhancing critical thinking skills for young people, through the promotion of “Eduliftment” as a tool to help young people apply critical thinking skills to understand their circumstances and explore options open to them through educational content. Candice is also a radio host for a show called “Feminism is for Everybody” on CAPS Radio. Candice is also the author of Perils of Patriarchy which sheds and unpacks women’s lived experiences in South Africa. Candice has a TEDx Talk called “Bad Blood” focused on the stigmas surrounding periods. In May 2020, Candice became Lil-Lets South Africa Brand Ambassador is currently piloting a platform called Lil-Lets Talk.