Rich information and support for authors wishing to be published.
All activities free of charge Saturday 7 September 10:00–17:00 & Sunday 8 September 10:00–13:00

A full-time desk offering information of value to authors, managed by members of the Alliance of Language and Media Practitioners of South Africa (LAMP). Talks, discussions and short workshops offering insights into publishing in South Africa, by knowledgeable publishers keen to share their unique knowledge of publishing with authors seeking entry into this fascinating — but often opaque — world.

Attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

One-on-one slots for new and aspiring authors who feel they would like to connect with specialists who have experience in editing or new authors who have recently gone through the experience of being edited. These slots are limited (see Saturday slots below) and must be booked in advance. For advance bookings fill out the contact form below.

*Note: You will still require a R10 General Access pass in order to enter the Fair.


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