Business to Business Programme

The Book Fair is the only time when creators, producers, sellers, libraries and government are together in one space. This opportunity will be used to address key challenges in the book industry through a focused, purpose-driven Business- to-business Programme. This programme is open to book industry practitioners and government, with some of the seminars accessible by invitation only.

The Seminar section of the programme covers the issues of growing the African book market, including publishing, bookselling and rights. It is offering a needs- analysis workshop for SMME publishers, auditors, editors, printers and freelancers. There will also be an open-dialogue session between the book and library sectors about provision, processes and procurement as well as a session on maximising reading-promotion efforts.

The Enterprise Development Training part of the programme, which is being sponsored by the FP&M Seta, will include a copyright clinic as well as indigenous language proofreading and copy-editing sessions in seSotho, isiZulu and isiXhosa. Presented for participants’ edification and enjoyment will be creative writing workshops for emerging writers, a poetry workshop, a writing workshop and a basic business workshop. There will also be presentations on marketing and bookselling.

There are 65 sponsored SMME exhibitors attending the Fair. They will be participating in a set of compulsory development programmes covering a whole range of topics: financial record-keeping, steps in the book publishing process, illustration, digital marketing, distribution and access to markets, market research and enterprise needs analysis.

The South African Book Development Council is dedicated to growing the book industry in South Africa; and to increasing diversity through quality assistance and education.